Plugin resolving issue - modular application plugin resolving


I have a plugin project that depends on hibernate  and acegi.
In my grails application I have referenced the plugin in the BuildConfig.groovy
like this : grails.plugin.location.'g-auth' =  "/home/joe/dev/grails/plugins/g-auth".

When I test my plugin project or my grails app  (without referencing the plugin in BuildConfig)  alone both work.
But when referencing the plugin in my app I get:
Error: The following plugins failed to load due to missing dependencies: [gAuth]
- Plugin: gAuth, Dependencies:  [hibernate, acegi]

Why are the plugins not loaded ? Can  someone help me out ?
thx for reading

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Victoria Dumova
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Hi Ivan! Thanks for the feedback. I've created issue that seems to describe the problem you've experienced.


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