A couple of features

Good day,

today I gave 0xDBE (138.551)  a quick run.

First impressions:

First and foremost I was not able to figure it out how to open an additional editor window against a connection? A connection is not a file, it should allow for multiple parallel sessions.
If it is there it is totally not intuitive.

Second, I need to be able to quickly (per session) limit the number of records returned without modifying the query itself.

I might misunderstood as to what is the intended target audience of the product here, for someone working closely with the databases on daily basis these features are quite critical.

Thank you.
Love the Darcula interface.


For your first point, you can right click on a console window and hit 'Split [Horizontally/Vertically]'. I do agree that this isn't particularly intuitive - and also starts to severely reduce the amount of screen space you're working with if you have 3-4 splits. There could be a setting to allow this to be done properly, but I couldn't find one.

Edit: But it does seem like the above just has the same text in the two windows, which both get modified if you modify the other... not exactly ideal - probably not what's intended.

I couldn't find any way to limit the amount of records per session, but you can set it globally via File -> Settings -> Database -> Result set page size; I know that this probably isn't that helpful, but I've certainly set it to a lower limit than the 500 default.


On your first note about splitting the window, I think the intended function here was to have the same text in each split of the editor.  I forgot the name of it, but I was working with a different IDE based off of eclipse that I used for editing COBOL programs.  It was an IBM product the bank I was working at was testing out.  this functionality was ideal for editing large / long batch programs.
I too would like the ability to have multiple tabs open that contain different text, but can't seem to figure it out. I do, however, like having the ability to split the screen and see two seperate portions of the same file.  Saves from scrolling up and looking for something.

In addition to splitting the screen, if you are running multiple monitors, you can drag the tab outside the IDE, then open another console.  Both of these are linked together and this functions the same as having one screen split, but alos increases your available screen real estate.  Still not ideal, but very handy while working in large files.


Another option for having multiple tabs is to have multiple projects open.  You can set your database to either load for the project or for the IDE.  If you select to load it for the IDE, each new project will have the database already connected.  So, essentially, one tab per opened instance of the IDE (or project) that can be split/ expanded in several different ways.  

Still not ideal, but if you are just needing to run multiple queries in different tabs this will work.  


In regards of the multiple tabs per connection I think the best approach is logically separate a tab from the concept of "file". It is a "session" from the DB perspective and with our work we usually need quite a few tabs open against a DB.
If one checks other DB clients - almost all of them work this way.

Global setting is fine, but local one is critical too, due the same concept of a "session".

In either case, these were just ideas and it is up to dev to decide how they would like to position the product on the market.
Unfortunately it is not well aligned for my use cases for now.

I am open to provide a detailed description on how I envision the functionlity if required.


I started using this in Septempber and I totally agree with you and have given feedback concerning it.

I like all the feature especially the very smart completions. However, after integrating this application into my daily routine, I gave up on it after about two weeks. The inability to have multiple console windows open per connection is a major oversight.

I've looking for soemthing to replace the very aweful mysql workbench--but I switch back to that because of the ability to opem multiple console windows.

Once this feature is in, I'll switch to this and move workbench to the recycling bin where it belongs.


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