Make-Problem since upgrade to v9

Hi all,

since I've upgraded to IntelliJ 9 I sometimes encounter the problem that my project will not compile.
Instead I press the "make"-button and get this error:
"Error: Internal error (Plugin: org.intellih.groovy): java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException"

Sometimes I've have to restart the whole IDE (and go through the reindexing which is quiet annoying) and sometimes i press the button just once again and it compiles wonderful.

I've attached a snipped of the exceptions thrown at the console.

Hopefully that someone can help me


In addition I've to say that I encounter the same problem when I try to create a new gsp-file. It says java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException. The stacktrace seems to be similiar to the one attached. I've had this problem ones trying out the beta, but now here it is in the final release again. I can create the gsp-files via New->File dialog.

Also the code-analysis breaks randomly, saying there are no errors even if I produce one on purpose or unimportet classes don't get detected.
To get the whole bunch of errors rounded up the autocompletion is also broken when it comes to that error, showing nothing but an empty box.

Overall this is not realy "Develope with pleasure" right now :/


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