14.1.3 RC + Scala EAP 1.5 Broken?

Is the latest EAP plugin broken with the latest RC build of the 14.1.3 EAP?  During indexing, I get an exception and then red code everywhere.

I can't even seem to downgrade to the latest 'Released' version of the plugin - same results - red code everywhere, but no exception reported. :(

Are we due an update to fix this?

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I actually solved the problem...

Evidently what happened is somehow, in a previous EAP of IntelliJ, a different project I tried to create wound up as a module within my existing project.  It was hidden until 14.1.3 was released - oddly enough.  And so that was taking over the $PROJECT_PATH in the workspace.xml and causing me all sorts of grief.

Along with this, I realized that there are problems trying to import a project with existing sources.  It appears to go through the process, but then gives you a project that shows you only root level files - anything down a directory path does not appear.  At least until you then import a module from existing sources - of the $PROJECT_DIR.  Then it sets things up properly.

This problem persists no matter which method I use to create a new Scala project - from sources, from activator, etc...

It was the above issue that lead me into the 'broken' state that was hidden until I upgraded to 14.1.3.


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