Basic issues with project structure settings in 14.0.3 and Scala Plugin 1.3.3

After updating both IDEA and Scala Plugin, my most basic Scala code doesnt compile. In fact, it doesnt even seem to recognize scala keywords like actor and self. As far I understand, project structure is set correctly (or maybe not). Can someone put together a list of things to set under project settings please? I tried to invalidate cache, uninstall/reinstall, update plugings and all other obvious things - still nothing. Very frustruated and any help would be insanely appreciated!!

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Please tell us from/to versions of the upgrade (IDEA & plugin).

Make sure that every module with Scala code has (or inherits) a Scala SDK (check that in module dependencies).

Also please verify that Actors jar is present in the Scala SDK and that the jar actually exists (Scala separated actors from scala-library.jar, have you upgraded Scala as well?).

You may also create a simple SBT project with actors and then import this project in IDEA as a reference.


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