IntelliJ beginner failing with Grails

Im a .Net VS coder normally but figured Id give java a go for my home project. But... After installing JSDK 1.6, Groovy and  Grails, setting up environment variables JAVA_HOME, GROOVY_HOME, GRAILS_HOME and then installing intellij 9.0M1. Verifying that jetgroovy is installed (was from start). Creating a java project with groovy/grails. I still cant Ctrl+Alt+G to get the Run Grails Target window. Also when I told the java module to use Grails it couldnt find the groovy lib even though its in the ENV vars and I can call groovy and grails from cmd. What part of the setup did I sadly fail to follow? EDITED! Oh and yeah I could ofcourse browse to the groovy lib installation directory and pick it, it just wasnt in the dropdown from start. EDITED!

Also I saw, theres like 3 different googleappengine integration plugins. One version 1.2.1 or so from google for Java, one 0.8something at grails and then the intellij one. Which is best?

And finally I saw a tutorial on grails + google on a page and he disabled the hibernate plugin for some reason (collision with grails own?)

/Java+Grails Newb

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You should ensure that your module has Groovy/Grails facet with some
Grails SDK.


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