Incompatible Scala plugin


I am trying to install latest Scala plugin (scala-intellij-bin-1.3.3-14.1) from for IntelliJ IDEA 14.0.3 on Windows XP SP3.

If I try the scala plugin manually, I get the following error.
Plugin Scala is incompatible with current installation.

Can some please advise me how to fix this problem?


Hi Khurram

That Scala plugin is for IDEA 14.1, (the clue is in the name :-) and the info:

Version Since Build Until Build
1.3.3-14.1 140.2110 141

You either need to use an IDEA EAP 14.1, or else the plugin:

Version Since Build Until Build
1.3.3 139.791 140

for your IDEA 14.0.3

All the best


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