Add dynamic property for everything

Hi all,

I don't know how about you, but I can't turn on inspection on my groovy files (including auto generated grails controllers) because IDEA 8.1.2 understand as error every dynamic call in my code. The right bar gets lots os errors marks.

I can't see how Add Dynamic Property could help for cases like grails params, which is a map and the dynamic properties change for most actions.

Is there any way to disable that without disabling the inspection?



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Which inspection do you mean? If you mean the underlines, they can be
disabled in Groovy Code Style Settings. Unfortunately, there's no way
now to configure dynamic map values.

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I think it was my fault. I added a theme to IDEA and it had some Error Stripe Marks in red for lot of things. I thougt the problem was the add to property, but it wasn't.

By the way, once I found out that add to property isn't being highlighted as a error in the error stripe, I only can say it is a really nice feature.

Thanks a lot.


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