Bug: Editing a text through the in-place edit text popup causes incorrect cursor replacement.

Steps to duplicate:

  • Login to a database that has a table with varchar() columns
  • Do a SELECT * from ... query on said table
  • For the varchar item, double click it.
      • The entry will become highlighted, allowing you to edit the text.
  • Click the "..." button to the right of the field
    • A popup window allowing you to edit the text appears
  • If the field is empty, populate with some text, close, and repeat from step 3.
  • If the field is not empty, Click somewhere in the middle to place the cursor inbetween two different chars
  • Hit the backspace key
  • Type a character
    • Expectation is that the character is inserted where the cursor is located.
    • Actual result is the character is placed at the end of the string

Example (Where '|' is my cursor):

  • [Place cursor in middle of word] "Elep|hant"
  • [Hit Backspace]: "Ele|hant"
  • [Enter a different char (P)]: "Ele|hantP" <-- Actual result

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Sorry, forgot to include I'm connecting through jTds to SQL Server and using Natasha v 138.1400.3

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Sorry, can't reproduce neither in 138.1400.3, nor in later build 138.1575.

What is your OS and JDK (shown in About dialog)?



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