Major regression when upgrading to Idea 8.1


I have a problem which looks like a serious regression after having upgraded from IDEA 7 to 8.1. Before, we could have Groovy files not contained in a directory marked as source correctly parsed, with smart completion, reformatting and so on working. Now, it seems to be impossible.

If we mark the folder containing Groovy files as a source directory, then Idea will work correctly, but we won't be able to start our project : our application compiles the Groovy files by itself, using a custom groovy script engine, and assumes the Groovy files are written in our DSL. IDEA should not try to build them, and it fails because it finds several files with the same name but without package definitions in the directory structure. We do not want to add package definitions to our files, because it just makes no sense in our context. We just wish Idea did not build our Groovy files.

However, if we mark the files as excluded, then the smart completion and other features stop working again. It makes IDEA just unusable for our context, and we are thinking about rolling back to IDEA 7.

Is there any trick to get the Groovy stuff working WITHOUT having to mark the sources ?

Thanks for your quick answer, this is a major issue for us.

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The parsing is back in the last 8.1.1 EAP


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