Any way to go back to gen-idea in IntelliJ14?

I upgraded to IntelliJ 14 just before Christmas. The new native SBT support seemed promising, but in practice it isn't working for me and regularly maxes out my CPU (as well as asking if it can reload the project Intellij because RunManager has changed every half hour or so).

Is there any way I can change back to using gen-idea plugin as I used in Intellij 13? Otherwise I'll have to downgrade / consider switching to Sublime.

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AFAIK you can still use the gen-idea task with IntelliJ 14.
When you open the project it will say that the format is obsolete, but it still works.

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I'm not sure that's the case. It would be good if someone from Jetbrains could confirm. It seems like Intellij imports the gen-idea project into the new setup. When I make changes to my build.sbt - Intellij immediately starts thrashing, usually before I've even finished making them.

If I could control when Intellij updates based on (perceived) project changes that would be better.


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