How-to Fix Auto-Complete for Oracle?

When I connect to my companies SQL Server database, there's an expand (plus?) button that easily allows me to see all of the other tables -- and auto-complete works like a dream.

When connected to our Oracle database, base commands show up in auto-complete, but none of the schemas / tables. Is there an advanced option I need to set?


Edit: I've checked the schemas I use in, "Schemas & Tables" under the Data sources editor -- still nothing :-(


Looks like it's an issue with database metadata loading. Please fill a new issue ( and provide some additinal information for reproducing.


Select "synchronize" from datasource pop-up menu.
2014-06-27 13_15_37-Oracle - @Orcochi - 0xDBE (Natasha) 0xDBE-138.551.png


I also encountered this problem. In my case the scheme was not checked. For this:  right click on connection -> database tools -> manage schemas.

There you check the scheme which has your tables you want to be auto completed. 


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