Prevent focus of output while typing in console

I've noticed that if I execute something (cmd+return) from the console and then continue typing, once the executing thing finishes the editor loses focus. Is there a setting or something where I can change this? It's really frustrating to lose focus in the middle of typing things.


This is driving me insane.  It's quite normal for me to execute 10-15 other queries to check data format, etc while building one master query.  I hardly ever use my mouse.  Now I'm having to stop typing and move my mouse and click every time I run a query, to get the focus back to where I'd expect it to stay in the first place.

Is there a setting somewhere I'm missing, or should I put in a bug report?


I've noticed this as well, as I often execute a query while I'm authoring it. The only thing I've found to mitigate it is that hitting ESC will drop you back to the editor when the output window gets focus - being able to configure the behaviour would still be excellent to have though. I can't see a lot of instances where I'd need the output window to have focus where I wouldn't already be using the mouse to select data anyways. I've also found that it doesn't always get focus, though I'm not sure in what instances it does/doesn't.


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