How can I create additional editor tabs?

In TOAD and SQL Workbench/J I'm used to have a multitude of editor tabs, but in DBE I can't quite figure out how to open more than one.  File->New File is greyed out.  I hunted through the rest of the menus and right-clicked on everything in sight and didn't find any other way of opening a new tab or file.

The one thing I did find is that I can use File->Open to open a file, though it gives me a warning about that file not belonging to the Project.  After dismissing that warning, I can write and run queries in that file.  This works, I guess, but the workflow is terrible.  I don't have a concept of Project when it comes to writing SQL nor do I want one.  I don't even want to explicitly save my work in files most of the time.  I just want editor tabs where I can write and run SQL -- just like I can in TOAD and SQL Workebench/J -- and I want them to auto-save to temp files that I don't need to care about.

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Context menu on the data source -> New -> Console


A workaround would be to keep a folder of empty files called tab1.sql, tab2.sql, etc.  Then just open them as needed.  But agreed, much of my sql/query work is adhoc and a project structure isn't always helpful.  Even when it is helpful, a second or third tab with some ugly/throwaway queries to get my thoughts together is extremely useful.


It is approximately the most unintuitive thing ever, but I've figured out how to do this.

After opening a project you can right click on the 'files' pane on the right of the editor. Attach to a directory containing your sql files. After that, you can double click on individual files to open them in new tabs or you can create a new file by right clicking on the background and selecting 'New'.


Something I've become acustomed to, is to close editor tabs by pressing ctrl - w in other editors, is this a feature worth mentioning?

This has been a trend in most editors / browsers that I see is useful, though I didn't search much in the forums but didn't find any information about it.


Likewise with being able to use Ctrl+T/Cmd+T to create new tabs (which, again, works in Workbench)


Please watch/vote for this feature request:
We're going to fix it in the nearest feature.


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