GSP tag attribute completion..


When typing attribute names of tagname, for example, when typing the following:

<g:each in="$" status... and pressing '=' after 'status' (becuase I didn't want to use the code completion, since typing is sometimes faster), it results in: <g:each in="$" status = =""

With an extra '=' sign! This is so annoying! I keep removing the double = sign all the time, since it's quite unpredictable if code completion works for an tag, or not. Please fix this!! (I can image this explanation is a bit hard to understand, but just type the above, and you'll see what gets me frustrated here!)

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What you type after "status" exactly? Space or '='? Do you press something more(ctrl+space or else)?
I can't reproduce this behavior.

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I've made a jira isse for it...(I don't have the jira at the moment)

When I type 'status', code codecompletion comes up. When I type the complete word, and finish with a '=', this behaviour happens...

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Hello, Erik.
This is nasty bug, caused, as it seems to me, by not fully elaborate completion handler for GSP tag attributes.

With best reagrds,

Edited by: Ilya Sergey on Nov 22, 2008 1:09 PM

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i think this issue is not just apply to GSP tag. For any auto-completion/hints, there might be problem.

for example, in HTML editing, if you type "<a href ... ", after pressed the '<' and 'a', the autocomplete menu showup and 'address' is the first item. when you press the third key, 'space', "address" is selected.

there are other cases. They are trivial so i didn't report, but they are annoying.



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