0xDBE basic usage

I'm looking for tips / tricks for everyday usage of 0xDBE.  Thougth maybe a general discussion of tips and tricks that everyone has figured out may help out several users

I am using MSSQLServer and have been using management studio for database management, just for some background.  

What I am trying to figure out right now is how to just query a table without having to fully qualify it.  For example, say I have several databases connected.  I want to query all employees on the employee table in myDB.dbo.employees.

I can do this by using "SELECT * FROM myDB.dbo.employees"

but what i want to do is query using "SELECT * FROM employees"

In management studio I can do this just by selecting the schema, then right-clicking for a new query.  

Also, if anyone knows of a keyboard shortcut to execute a query.  I'm sure there is one but I don't know what it is.


I can answer the last one:  Highlight the command(s) and press CTRL-Enter


Thanks,  that helps.  

For the first one, while it isn't exactly what I want for simple everyday querying, I can use "USE myDB" prior to the select statement.  I'm looking for something that explicitly does that without me stating it in the query at all.


I'm looking for the same thing


Not a perfect solution, but:
Copies the fully-qualified table name to the clipboard.  Then you can use CTRL-C to paste it in.

you need a lot of finger dexterity to get that right...to quote Maryln Manson:
"I wasn't born with enough middle fingers".


Another thing you may want to try is to "Resolve Unqualified References".  Available in the "Manage Data Sources/Schemas and Tables" tab.


That did it.  Thanks!


Well, I thought it did it.  After closing the IDE and reopening it fails again.


I've been just doing "use db_name".  I haven't found a place to click to do the same.


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