Where intellij output for generated java sources for gsp files?

I have to ask this question because as far as I know Intellij 7.0.4 does not support gsp debugging in grails project.
If an exception is thrown from within gsp file when I run the grails app from within intellij, I get something like:

at C__workspace_testprj_grails_app_views_layouts_main_gsp.run(C__workspace_testprj_grails_app_views_layouts_main_gsp:126)

Now I would like to open the file C__workspace_testprj_grails_app_views_layouts_main_gsp.java if it is generated and look up the line 126
to help in debugging.

But where intellij generates java sources for gsp files?

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As you know, GSP doesn't support JSR 45, so we cannot provide debug support for them as for JSP.
As for generated java sources, I'm afraid they exists only as compiled servlets in executing VM, produced after GSP parsing by every new change event. So, we have no any source for debugger to navigate to.

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Are you aware that you can append "?showSource" as a parameter to the URL in the browser and Grails will show you the "source" for the GSP? This will help you identify the line of code with the problem.

example URL: http://localhost:8080/MyGrailsProj/order/index?showSource

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thanks a lot! showSource param really works!


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