Specifying environment for run-app

I may be missing something, but how does one specify which enironment to run from IntelliJ?

If I choose "Run Application", there is a box for "Grails Parameters". If I put "production" in there, I see from the console it is appending production after "run-app"

run-app production

However from the console it looks like its running with the development settings:

>>Environment set to development

This Jira item looks similar,but it is fixed:

I'm on Selena 7718 and JetGroovy 1.5.17497

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I never used the dropdown box, but I always use -Dgrails.env=production in the settings dialog.

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Cool. Didn't know that. Thanks!

It would be nice if the grails app parameters would process this option without the -D param though.

Thanks again!

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I was trying this under edit configurations


In the JVM args.

Which settings dialogue are you describing? Somewhere in the 'project settings'?

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Sorry - that does work - I had used that port as well.


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