Build JetGroovy Plugin


I'm looking for build JetGroovyPlugin. Actually in my grails project i need to launch "grails run-myapp" and not "grails run-app"

I have searched in sources of pluggin and i think i have found where i need to make some change.

But my first problem is that i don't know what to do for build the plugging.

I have read the thread : but i don't really understand what is project.dir and idea.dir

is ide.dir is the install dir of intelliJ ?

project.dir is where i want my plugging will be generated ?

do i need a special version of intelliJ ?


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project.dir is a root directory of Groovy project, in which src, META-INF and other folders are placed.
idea.dir is you IntelliJ IDEA installation folder.

To understand what version of IDEA you need to build and run your plugin, just look at range in <idea-version ...> tag of META-INF/plugin.xml file.


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