Project imported from typesafe activator, IntelliJ keeps adding extra "root" module

I'm using IntelliJ 13.1.3 with a Play! (2.3.1) project that has been imported from the newest typesafe activator(1.2.3)

My project is named play-scala which IntelliJ correctly identifies as a module, it also correctly identifies my build folder. However IntelliJ also adds an extra module, root and root-build, which it adds to the project all the time. It's set to the root of my project and causes me problems all the time:

  • I can't make changes to the play-scala module because I get an error about new modules sharing the same root
  • Changing dependencies for SBT re-adds the root module and new dependencies get added to it, rather than play-scala, forcing me to manually add the depenency to play-scala everytime I made a change.

I have attempted to remove the module through IntelliJ as well as manually editing my workspace configuration and deleting the module from the /modules folder, but nothing seems to get rid of it.

I have not found any similar situations searching google as well as these forums and am at a loss with what to do now. Can anyone help me?

EDIT: Found someone who started an issue on idea-sbt-plugin, though they never got a response back. Searching through the plugin source I couldnt' find any leads as to why this would happen.

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I'm having the exact same issue, and it is driving me crazy.


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