Shell Debugging

I'm using a third party script in order to run groovy scripts in a fully configured grails environment.

The script is working fine from the command line but I would like to be able to debug my scripts. Right now I am unable to come up with a launch config within IntelliJ 7.0.3 that would support this.

I've tried abusing the "Run Web Tests" Configuration Type (which appears to be missing the required RunWebtest.groovy script for Grails 1.0.2) by copying RunScript.groovy (from the article above) to RunWebtest.groovy. Unfortunately it seems as if JetGroovy isn't passing the arguments I gave it in the GUI Configuration Dialog to the script.

Any suggestions?

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By the way, in my opinion it would be sufficient to adjust the "Grails Application" Run/Debug Configuration provided by JetGroovy in the following way:

Modify the "Configuration Type" Dropdown List by adding a "Custom" Value that would activate a new text field which allows the user to enter the desired Gant Target along with Arguments.


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