Incomplete classpath artifact types in SBT projects

I've noticed that certain dependencies were being added, but contained only the sources and javadocs, so my code wouldn't compile.
log4j#log4j;1.2.17 is one such example.
In all cases I've looked at, the main artifact is published with type=bundle in the ivy file, and I think IDEA doesn't think such artifact should be put on the classpath.

SBT itself is aware of this and is able to put these jars on the runtime classpath:
> classpathTypes
[info] Set(eclipse-plugin, bundle, hk2-jar, orbit, jar)

Can you please either expose this setting in IDEA, or at least use sbt's classpathTypes to decide what should be put on the classpath?


PS: IntelliJ IC 135.1019, Scala plugin 0.38.437 (latest).


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