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I have some weird behaviour with an sbt project from within Scala. It doesn't always seem to show me the errors (I mean the SBT stacktrace thingy doesn't pop up, and there are no 'Messages' either). It seems to be that it shows the error once, and then never again until I restart IntelliJ. I can make changes to the project file, I see sbt doing something in the little message bar at the bottom but it doesn't flag failure.

To give an example, I add this dependency

libraryDependencies += "com.typesafe.akka" %% "akka-actor" % "2.7.3"

which has a wrong version (2.3.3 is the latest at this moment), and I will not see an error.

Intellij 13.1.3 with Scala Plugin and SBT plugin installed from repositories, seemingly the latest versions (SBT 1.6.1, Scala 0.36.431). Scala compiler 2.11.1, Ubuntu 14.04.

Do I have an unlucky combination of plugins/OS or is this known behaviour ( I didn't really find anything about it and I did Google some time)?


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Hi Kasper! There's currently a usability problem in IDEA that hides these error messages during project auto-import.

You may press "Refresh" button on SBT tool window to display the errors.

We've created an issue for that: IDEA-126101. Thank you for the reporting!


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