How to disable green 'Import Project' bubble?

Everytime I started intellij I get a green popup that doesn't go away on it's own and blocks a large portion of the upper right portion of my IDE telling me that certain .sbt files I have open don't have an external project related to it.

Is there any way to turn this off? I press ignore everytime and it comes back everytime.

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Here is a screenshot of the box

box which doesn't even timeout.png

It doesn't even timeout, I switch between projects a lot and it comes up and has to be dismissed everytime. It's really annoying.
I use the sbt gen-idea plugin to make my intellij files so I really don't care about what this is trying to do.

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After trying several of the possible things this bubble could called be I hit upon `notification`

So I searched the settings for 'notications' and found it!
Notifications IDea.png

from 'Sticky balloon' to 'No popup', how your fortunes have changed SbtImportMessage

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Hi Benjamin! We'll add an aditional option to suppress these messages right into the messages themselves (SCL-7127). Thank you for pointing out the problem.

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What's wrong with built-in IntelliJ IDEA SBT support, that you have to use gen-idea?

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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Thanks, I have the same issue. Good to know where to deactivate the bubble.

I still prefer gen-idea, because it just works. I might switch to IDEA's own sbt support at some point, but right now... "never change a running system" ;)

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sbt gen-idea let's us encode setting in the build file that are shared by the whole team. So everyone doesn't have to go into IDEA and dig through a lot of settings that have to be changed.

For example on a multi person these settings allow us to encode additional facts beyond what the built in idea sbt support is able to provide:

  val ideaProjectName = SettingKey[String]("idea-project-name")
  val ideaProjectGroup = SettingKey[String]("idea-project-group")
  val ideaIgnoreModule = SettingKey[Boolean]("idea-ignore-module")
  val ideaBasePackage = SettingKey[Option[String]]("idea-base-package", "The base package configured in the Scala Facet, used by IDEA to generated nested package clauses. For example, com.acme.wibble")
  val ideaPackagePrefix = SettingKey[Option[String]]("idea-package-prefix",
                                                     "The package prefix for source directories.")
  val ideaSourcesClassifiers = SettingKey[Seq[String]]("idea-sources-classifiers")
  val ideaJavadocsClassifiers = SettingKey[Seq[String]]("idea-javadocs-classifiers")
  val ideaExcludeFolders = SettingKey[Seq[String]]("idea-exclude-folders")
  val ideaExtraFacets = SettingKey[NodeSeq]("idea-extra-facets")
  val ideaIncludeScalaFacet = SettingKey[Boolean]("idea-include-scala-facet")
  val ideaExtraTestConfigurations = SettingKey[Seq[Configuration]]("idea-extra-test-configurations","Extra configurations to be included in test sources")


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