[play-2.2.2-java] global templatesImport in Build.scala won't be recognized by IntelliJ 13.1

I am using IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 and the support for play framework in this version is really good.

But there is one really annoying error:
adding a global import for my templates in Build.scala like this
templatesImport += "_root_.helper.models.nestedset.interfaces.Node",

There are no compile errors but it is not recognized by the IDE and even worst, there is no auto completion available.
Adding the complete class within the import fixes that problem but I have to do this in every template like this:
@(node: _root_.helper.models.nestedset.interfaces.Node)

Does anybody found a workaround for this?
There is already a bug reported since October 2012:

>> also started topic in play community where I was asked to address this topic in this group:
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I have this issue too. This makes makes Intellij more of a pain than a help when editing Play view templates with any custom parameters as types.

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This is a very annoying issue. I hope they address soon.


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