Subfolder in views (play framework not see templates)

When is this bug with templates in subfolders gonna be fixed? How are you guys dealing with it? It seems to me impossible to work without subfolders.

IntelliJ not see templates in subfolder in controller for example.


Do you use IDEA 12? It's fixed in IDEA 13, if you use IDEA 13 then please share reproducible example of your problem.

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Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


My IntelliJ Version is 134.1160
I created for you new clean project from play console and added one view in subdirectory
In attachment you can find zipped project example.

This what I'm getting.


I can admit that this stackoverflow answer for problem with using rotes in controller solves also my problem.

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I don't have avaible version of IntelliJ 134.1425 (Windows) but on my current version 134.1342 i I had installed plugins from your builds and it works now.:)


I was to quick. It looks that when you have more than one view in subdirectory then plugin is not working properly. Becouse is not detecing one of the subview. I made change in project to reproduce problem. Look into attachments.


I have same problem with Intellij 13 build #133.696 on Mac OS X. It is really annoying that the plugin does not detect views in subpackages (like views.admin.*).

I checked for updates but none are present. The two links you posted cannot be installed with my Intellij version (incompatible with current installation).

How should I proceed? The framework support was one of my major features for buying the full license.


Hi - I have been trying to find a solution to this issue for a while now. It is very annoying and a real hindrance to productivity. Still broken in 2017.2.3 and Scala plugin 2017.2.6.1.

Has anyone found a workaround?




I have the same issue with 2017.2.5.
But: with 2016.2.4 it is working. I can reference a view template in subfolders from controllers.

What happened? Can we expect a solution for this one in the future?


I have found a solution for this issue. Exclude these folders:

  • target
  • target/scala-2.11/twirl/main

And the template links work.
With Scala 2.11, Play 2.5, Intellij IDEA 2018.1.


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