Problem reading compiled Groovy class

I'm trying to run a script from IntelliJ that uses a Groovy class. When I try to run it it says:

Information:Compilation completed with 1 error and 0 warnings
Information:1 error
Information:0 warnings
Error:: cannot read: C:\Documents and Settings\me\.IntelliJIdea70\system\compiler\Turbo.Turbo9f614fa0\.generated\Groovy_to_java_source_code_generator\myProj.9e00a0e4\production\com\me\my\project\

Looks like some cache is out of whack. How can I get it to try to recompile? What are all the caches that JetGroovy creates, so that if I screw something up, I can get it to regenerate everything?

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Just hit an enter in MyGroovyClass.groovy and the respective file should be regenerated.


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