Scala Worksheet not being evaluated at all (0.30.387)

(IntelliJ 13, both Mac OSX and Linux)

I've recently updated the Scala plugin, and since then worksheet functionality has been completely amiss.
Since the latest update (0.30.387) I am seeing the worksheet not failing, but also not being evaluated at all: all it outputs is:

defined module <<object name>>

Is anyone else seeing this? Is there a fix/workaround?

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Forgot to mention: this has been reported as SCL-5519

(is it not possible to edit one's own posts here?)

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Just don't use wrapping object, write your expressions on file top level. We will implement wrapping object again in the nearest future for compatibility with Eclipse.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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Ok, that's great (although, given that this was what used to work before - some sort of warning/helpful message/whatever would have been appreciated).

Now I have the next problem up: imports seem to be not understood?
I import and I get a compilation error

object akka is not a member of package <root>
note that akka is configured as a dependency in the project, and this code used to work (minus the object foo { } thing) prior to 0.30.387.

I've also tried to use the fully qualified class name, but that doesn't work either.
Autocomplete suggestions seem to find correctly akka.etc. when I type, but then the compiler fails.

Using "standard" imports (eg, java.util.UUID) works fine.

Incidentally, double-clicking on the error message to get to the error line does not work, but "breaks" the scrolling functionality (you can no longer scroll up / down in the editor window, the only way to re-enable that is to close and re-open the file).


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