Compiler error after created new Grails project

I downloaded 7.0.2 today and created a new Grails project using all of the default values. The default configuration produces a compiler error:

Error:(27,130) unexpected token: .

which resolves as:


It looks like it's trying to treat "default" as the Java keyword. I'm using grails-1.0-RC2 and groovy-1.0. Running the application from the grails run-app command works fine. Has anyone else seen this?


Mike, it's usual problem with comprehension of Groovy identifiers with "Java-like point of view". We'll consider this issue, but if you'll look at Groovy syntax specification

you'll see, that 'default' keyword cannot be an identifier part. So, this question will be discussed with Groovy team.


Mike, I cannot reproduce this bug. I use Groovy 1.5 and Grails 1.0 RC3. I added appropriate record to Config.groovy file and compilation still worked fine.
Could you describe your environment more precisely?


I think that this is being caused by using Groovy 1.0 for compilation with the most recent Grails (1.0 RC3).

I have recreated this within IDEA when groovy home is set to Groovy 1.0 and Grails Home is set to Grails 1.0 RC3. I believe these two settings to be incompatible, could someone confirm?

However, compiling the project that errors in the IDE at the command line with grails (ie grails run-app) is successful - as expected as Grails will use the correct version of Groovy.


Yes, I recall allowing 'default' as a reference name was a change made some time during 1.5 development, so it seems you are right.



Yep, that was it. Upgrading to Groovy 1.5 fixed the problem.


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