JetGroovy Seeing Red!


Since upgrading IDEA to 7.0.2 and JetGroovy to 1.0.13266, I am deluged with errors in my Groovy code.

It starts with "Canot resolve symbol 'java'" in imports such as these:

It goes on to "Canot resolve symbol 'Cloneable'" in this:

In an 854-line Grails domain class source file, there are 77 spurious error (red) diagnostics that were not there before, and I made no changes to the source code in the past several days.

As far as I can tell, every one of these 77 errors related to the Java standard library classes, including many in java.lang (String, ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, etc.).

In Grails controller classes every action (which are, by definintion in Grails, closures) is flagged with the diagnostic "Cannot assign 'groovy.lang.Closure' to 'java.lang.Object'".

It certainly appears something has gone seriously awry!

Randall Schulz

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Sorry 'bout that. I had installed the u3 release of the Java SDK several weeks back. Today I removed the u2 release, thinking I'd updated all the references to it. But my IDEA project was still configured to point at the u2 release.

That was why all the references to Java standard library classes were broken.

So yes, something was "seriously awry": I broke my installation / configuration!

Sorry for the noise.

Randall Schulz


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