Dependency bug

Hello, I posted this in the main forum, and got directed here...

JetGrovy is very cool, but has a fairly annoying bug that should be fixed before V1.0-- dependencies don't work.

If you Grails project depends on libraries or Java from other modules, the IntelliJ won't complain, but the .jar and .classes are not deployed and the application fails at run time.

My work-around is to manually JAR my classes and then copy them and all external libraries to the grail-app lib directory. If nothing else, the plug-in could do that invisibly at deploy time.


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Nice idea, JIRA ticket please?

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Sorry, I'm new here... What's a JIRA ticket?

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JIRA is Atlassian/s issue tracking system. It's used by JetBrains (and many others) both for bug and feature request tracking.

Go here:
or directly here:

And submit your feature request. You'll need to register, first.

Randall Schulz


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