Scala Ide compilation extremely slow

I recently moved from the eclipse IDE to Intellij Ide. Although i find its compilation process very very slow when it comes to Scala.

Is there any setting that can make it fast and continues. I would like to have the same compile on save that i find in eclipse. Would it be possible as well ?

Just looking for settings tips: thanks

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Hi, Maarati,

Please try our nightly builds: (starting from 0.27.434 it will require IDEA 13.0.2 EAP 133.471).
In this case you can use other way for incremental compilation: IDE Settings -> Scala -> Incremental compilation by -> IntelliJ IDEA. In this case you will get significantly better compilation performance, probably you will not need continious compilation on save (this is in beta stage yet, but will be released soon).

If you want to get continious compilation, you can use Project Settings -> Compiler -> Make project automatically.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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