Funky build issues


I'm using version #0.1.12084 and I'm having weird build issues. I have the following simple Groovy class:

class Person {
def firstName
def lastName

then inside a Groovy script I do this:

def p = new Person();
p.firstName = 'scott';
p.lastName = 'walter';

println p.firstName;
println p.lastName;

however both my println's are returning null when I run the script. However if I go and delete the generated class files in out/production directory and then run the script I no longer get null. But if I run the script a second time (without changing any code or anything) I get null again.

Any ideas what is going on here?


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You are probably facing the same bug in idea core, that has been fixed recently. Please update to the latest idea EAP.


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yes the EAP build fixed it! yeah for Groovy!


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