Before you release Jetgroovy 1.0...

PLEASE fix the Groovy class recognition when I start the IDE. What I'm talking about is the situation where I create classes (typically domain classes) and when I restart Idea all my references are red and I have no auto-completion and I can't find them with CTRL-n.

I have been using the work around of reformatting the code in all my classes and then switching it back but that is causing hell on my team for CVS check-ins.

If I'm doing something wrong please tell me...


Are you sure you use the latest plugin? This situation could arise earlier, but we completely rewrote relevant functionality.


Yes I just downloaded the latest it possible that IDEA is picking up an older plugin from a previous version? I've uninstalled each version of idea except 7.01...

I'll try manually removing the plugin and re-downloading it.


I turned of Idea, deleted the "groovy" directory from the plugins directory in
C:\Documents and Settings\username\.IntelliJIdea70\config\

Restarted Idea, re-downloaded Jetgroovy, and still getting unrecognized classes....any suggestions? This is happening both at work and at home.


Do you have groovy facet attached?


Steve, please, make sure that your classes (domain etc.) are placed in project source directories. In project view directories like 'domain', 'taglib', 'serveices' etc. must be marked blue.


That seemed to do it! Thanks a bunch.


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