scala.* imports not being resolved

Upgraded to 0.26.327 today and now imports of the form scala.* are not being resolved. I narrowed the issue to use the of the "scala" package. For example:


does not work, while


works as expected.

How can I get the old style of imports back?

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Do you have somewhere in your project other package with name "scala"?

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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An easy way to check for a name shadowing (usually) is:

    object Foo {

Inside, double click / select scala and press Cmd-B (OS X; on windows probably Ctrl-B). If you have given that name to a symbol visible from your package, it will bring you there. If not you could try to type `scala.` and see what the auto completion offers you. That way you may discover the use of the `scala` symbol in your package hierarchy.

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I am currently doing some work on Scala Native and the packages start with scala.scalanative. So if we use a relative import counting on scala._ to be imported and use an import such as scalanative.posix._, the import will not resolve.

I am not sure why this is so because the code compiles fine. Could someone explain?


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