Bug in JetGroovy runtime?

Here's something that's been pestering me for the past couple weeks (it happened when I upgraded IntelliJ & JetGroovy. I'm now running 7364 & 0.1.11732 on macos 10.4.10).

When I run the test driver below I'd get the following output:

Foo.main: enter
Foo.main: exit

Only when I made some change to Bar.groovy would I get what I expected ... and then only for a single execution:


The next time I'd run it, Bar.ctor would not execute (not would the debugger step into it) and in fact, the variable "bar" would be null.

Deleting all the .class files in the project "out" directory before every run is the only way I've found to allow all groovy code to execute as expected. Otherwise, any groovy class that has been previously generated will be silently stepped over.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it a configuration problem on my part? Or a bug as it appears?




Foo.groovy -

package com.cleartxn.test.script

import com.cleartxn.machine.script.*

class Foo {
public static void main(args) {
println "Foo.main:enter"
Bar bar = new bar()
println "Foo.main: exit"


Bar.groovy ---
package com.cleartxn.machine.script

class Bar {
public Bar(){
println "Bar.ctor:"

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Yep, this is a problem many people have reported. Indeed a blocker. We'll definitely fix it before the 1.0 release, that is really soon.



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