Grails integration test fails first time, succeeds second time


I'm new to IDEA but have been developing Grails for a while.

I have an integration test for a grails service which I'm trying to step debug. When I first run the test after making a change to the test all works fine, the debugger breaks on my breakpoint and the test fails (by design).

If I subsequently run the test, in exactly the same manner (right click Debug Test), the test appears to succeed... but my breakpoint is not hit and it should fail... It appears the test is not being run unless I have made a change to the test code since I last ran it.

Am I doing something wrong? I am using the latest IDEA 7.0 version (build 7361) and JetGroovy (0.1.11732) Any help / guidence much appreciated


Anthony, it seems that this is essentially the same problem as in the previous test. Looks like a blocker indeed.



Ok, thanks I shall work-around it for now and watch the forum / site for updates


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