Using Spray routes makes IntelliJ unusable.

Ever since the release of the most recent release candidate of Spray, the Scala plugin has become unusable in IDEA. It looks like any source file that contains a Spray route definition causes infinite recursion in several places inside the plugin code, and this causes the IDE to get into an indeterminate state. The symptoms of this consist of neverending compilation on the affected file (thus having a performance impact) and also the inability to create or run any target that references the affected file. This basically renders the IDE itself useless, since autocompletion doesn't work, and I can't run any application targets or tests from inside the editor.

Considering that Spray is to become the de-facto standard for both HTTP communication and also REST routing on the Scala platform, this issue is kind of a big deal. It's been outstanding for a couple weeks now, and there's been little to no communication around it's state - the community doesn't even know if it's being worked on. Can we at least get an single bit of data? "We know about it and don't plan to fix it" would even be enough. Would someone please care to just comment on


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