Support for generate-all in JetGroovy

Does JetGroovy has support for generate-all or generate-controller within Intellij IDEA for my existing Java class that I copy to the src dir in the project?

I have M2 7.0 for linux build 7126.
I mauanlly downloaded JetGroovy latest version (sept 29) and copied to (intellig IDEA home)/plugins.

But unfortunately when I start Intellij IDEA, it is listed as
JetGroovy (incompatible)
at the bottome of list that shows installed plugins. When I create new proj from scrach I do not see Grails or Groovy type project to choose. So it is not installed.

Permanently deleted user

Last JetGroovy version is incompatible with M2. You can try it with RC2 instead.



Some words about Grails generate-all command support.
You may create domain class, which will be created with controller and tests respectively. After that you may see respective tabs on the top of your editor window in which one of this classes is opened. There you can see a combo "Views" with "generate views" action.
I think, in two or three weeks we will add full-scale Grails console to JetGroovy plugin for such actions.


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