Should opening the Scala console be made easier?

I've been using IntelliJ Scala for at least a year now, but only just found out you can actually open a scala console inside the IDE! Which comes with nice things like code completion and syntax highlighting that blow away Powershell (sorry microsoft!)

I think the reason it tooks so long is that the ability to open the console is buried inside run-configuration, where to open a console you have to

- open up run-configurations
- create a new configuration
- exit run configuration
- hit "run"

If it was one step (e.g. a button under "Tools", maybe next to the "Groovy Shell") it probably wouldn't have taken me a year to figure it out


Running Scala console available from context menu in any Scala file. However probably you are right, we can make such access easier (setting to run console automatically for every project?)/

Best regards,
Aleksandr Podkhaliuzin.


Maybe also a toolbar button or something in the Tools menu or Run menu?


I'd say it should go in the tools menu. After all, that's where the Groovy Shell and Python Console go


Yes, you are right, I'll add it to tools menu as well.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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