Cannot resolve symbol errors, different than auto complete

I've invalidated the cache a ton try try and get this IDEA error to go away but haven't found any solutions yet.

As you can see from the auto complete the Option[Brand] has the exists method:

But once I get done typing the code I get a big old underline saying Unable to resolve symbol exists:

There's slightly more information if you can hover on that red area to the right:

Not sure if the type of the Expected (Brand) => Boolean vs Actual (model.Brand) = Boolean is somehow different.

I'm running 12.1 CE and Nightly scala - I've had this problem for over a week.


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Here problem is that somehow Scala plugin creates type Brand without prefix model (as I can see from your screenshots Brand is type from package object model). So it's ok that Brand and model.Brand are not compatible, problem is that type without prefix doesn't exist actually.
To fix it I need some example. It's usually very simple to simplify. Just remove unrelated stuff (for example by replacing (null: SomeType)).

Best regards,
Aleksandr Podkaliuzin.


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