Type hint problem with scalaz

IDE doesn't help me to decide  type. It thinks that r.subForest returns Any but obviously it returns a Stream[_]. This piece of code compiles fine but IDE give error with message:
Expression of type Any doesn't conform to expected type Stream[_]

import scalaz.Tree

class Foo {
  def foo(r: Tree[Int]) = {
    val xs: Stream[_] = r.subForest
  package scalaz
  sealed abstract class Tree[A]() extends scala.AnyRef {
    def subForest : scala.Stream[scalaz.Tree[A]]

I'm using IDEA 12.1.4 community edition with Sun Java 6 JDK

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Can you create example sbt project (it's better to use the same libraries version) and create an issue here: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/SCL?

Best regards,
Aleksandr Podkhaliuzin.


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