Catch-22 in the Scala Facet configuration

I am having some problem compiling my Scala project in IDEA 12.1.2.

The difficulty is in configuring the Scala Facet in Project Settings.
In ProjectSettings -> Libraries, I attached scala-library.jar and scala-compiler.jar

Then, in ProjectSettings -> Facets, I choosen "Use ordinary compiler".
It asks for Compiler Library. The dropdown menu gives 2 alternatives:
1) scala-compiler
2) scala-library
If I choose scala-compiler, then I am getting error no scala-library*.jar found
If I choose scala-library then the error is no scala-compiler*.jar found

I am sure I am doing something very wrong.
Please help!

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Ah, I am idiot.
Sorry about that. One has to attach all those libraries to both scala-compiler and scala-library
I am so stupid

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Actually, Scala Facet configuration and general Scala plugin configuration are not simple for newbies, and this is big usability problem, which we have to fix. So your problems are understandable.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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