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Hi all,

I was hoping it would be possible to use an external machine as the compile server for the new External Build compiler? And, if so, how does one go about doing that?

In addition – does anybody have any advice about using the older Compile Server on an external machine?

I'm basically hoping to speed up my desktop machine, as I think IntelliJ + Compiler + various DBs that my code needs is infeasible. The only solutions are to move services to another machine or to buy a really powerful beast.

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Currently, SBT must be run as a local process (to read sources and write generated class files directly).

While FSC comes with a means to transfer files to/from remote machines, neither SBT nor Nailgun provide such a functionality.

I have created a feature request (SCL-5309). We may implement our own file transfer protocol hereafter.

As of today, the only way to use a remote compile server is to employ FSC-based compilation.


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