How to enable Scaladoc for Play 2.0?

So I'm working on the todolist example from Play 2.0.4 (Scala project, not java obviously).
Was wondering if you could get the Scaladoc info from play2/documentation/api/scala to be available when I use "Quick Documentation" on an object in the editor?
Currently the popup doesn't show any of the actual documentation - only syntax.

Is this possible? Am I making sense?


Did you attach play2 sources to you play library? Here is what I get in my liftweb app.
Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 3.27.14 PM.png


Thanks alot. That was apparently what I was missing.
I now did a "idea with-sources" in the play console, and the quick docs now work.

I don't really understand though why you need the sources to make the docs work?


idea can show quick docs from sources and from java docs. Not sure if it supports scaladocs. I remember that docs from sources look better than from javadocs.
it has a model (something like DOM) of all libraries that your project uses. there should be no problem parsing out docs.


Well it does support scaladocs - I googled it. Just didnt understand why it didnt show up when I used quick docs. :-)

Thanks for your help mate, appreciate it.


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