Is there a way for Scala files with errors to be highlighted in the project view?

I'm evaluating IDEA12 Ultimate.  My team is moving pretty heavily towards Scala.

One thing that caught my eye, as a person coming from Eclipse, is that if there's an error in one of our Scala files, the file does not get highlighted in the project files pane.  If I switch the scope to "problems", nothing is listed there either.  On the other hand, if I intentionally bork a Java file, everything lights up like a Christmas tree.  Of course the editor pane knows there's a problem and points it out, but that's not really good enough.

Am I missing something?  Becuase this is kind of a deal breaker in terms of using Idea day-to-day.  If I make a change to a file, that file may be fine but my changes may have caused other files to be broken now.  And that kind of thing really needs to show up prominently in the project files view, just like it does for Java files.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated!

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It's not implemented for Scala. For the current state of error highlighting for Scala in IntelliJ IDEA, I think it's better to have it disabled by default.
However you can create a ticket ( just to not forget for us to implement it. Moreover for the first time it can be implemented with some disabled by default setting, so you will be able to get this feature earlier.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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