New project with scala facet: the "Project fsc compiler library" option lacks useful selections

  In the Compiler | Scala Compiler   Dialog and in the Project FSC | Compiler library dropdown,  i get a strange (and not useful) set of entries:


Bundler (v1.3  RVM)                         // why is Ruby stuff showing up here??

activation 1-1



So .. what gives with this?  A bunch of basically nonsensical entries .. and (a) no useful entry and (b) no means to add a useful entry manually.

What is to be done here?

Note:  Apologies, i can not get a screenshot for this that is useful because the dropdown can not coexist simultaneously with taking a screenshot

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The ability to select a compiler library without usual "compiler.jar" is retained to allow compiling of complex projects (like Scala compiler and library itself) which don't rely on standard jars.

And, yes, the current project configuration looks complicated, partly, due to the inherent properties of Scala compilation, partly due to restrictions of IDEA project model. We're going to completely rework Scala project configuration soon.

Here are useful links related to Scala project configuration in IDEA:


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