Multi module Scala FSC compilation failing with server restarting

I'm trying to compile several IntellIj modules with Scala FSC, the internal server, but it seems like that now (since         0.5.966) it starts a compiler, and while compiling a different module, it restarts the server.

As a result, it doesn't found the classes from the other compiled module.

Any ideas?

Seems like I cannot compile Scala classes (normal (see my other post), nor FSC) at all with new Scala plugin, 0.5.966, and IntelliJ 11.1.3 :(

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Does the problem persist? I have tried to compile muti-module projects and I was unable to reproduce the problem...

Can you provide a sample project that demonstrates the problem?

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The problem can be replicated when Scalac is used for both compiling java and scala.

The issue was resolved with the same workaround as:


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