Getting type parameters in completion or inside brackets

Hi there,

say I have the following method:

    object BiPin {

       def serializer[ S <: Sys[ S ], Elem, U ] : ... = ...

Now I can get the autocompletion BiPin.s<tab>BiPin.serializer(<cursor>) but I really need to have the type parameters also completed, so I would prefer to have a shortcut that gives me BiPin.serializer[<cursor>] offering me a tool tip with the type parameters. Even if I had the brackets myself, the Scala plugin doesn't seem to be able to show me the type parameters, so I find myself moving to the source with Cmd-B all the time.

The addition of hover for type parameters would be extremely useful. Perhaps I'm just not seeing it?

Thanks, .h.h.

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i would suggest to complete to method[*cursor*]() when "[" is pressed during completion

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It seems a bug. Completion works like: method()[]. What is obviously wrong. I raised an issue:

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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