How to exclude classes from having a package prefix enforced (collection.mutable, java.util)

Reading through the commits and looking at the plugin source I thought you added support for this. E.g. you have excluded `ArrayBuffer` inside the source code of the plugin.

But I cannot find a way to add more classes to this exclude. In partcular I'm using stuff from `java.util`, which I think prefixing doesn't make sense. Like `java.util.Timer`.

In addition to be able to configure these list through settings, you should offer a quick-fix to exclude a class.


Settings -> Scala -> Classes to use only with prefix.

Add full qualified name of class to include or placeholder import syntax.
To exlude add "exclude:java.util.Timer".

Also you are right about some staff in java.util. It should be exluded by default. And also I'm agree about QuickFix:

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


I had to upgrade my version of IDEA, although the plugin was the latest version. Now this pane is visible.


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